Pennsylvania Full-Range Irregular Flagstone includes various shades of gray, blue, green and brown, and is sometimes referred to as Bluestone or Full Color Stone. It is commonly used for patios, stepping stones, wall caps and pool coping.

While all of our fieldstones and flagstones work well together, some are more complimentary to each other. Those that are often paired with Pennsylvania Full-Range Irregular Flagstone include:

Pennsylvania Irregular Flagstone is available in the following variations:


  • Standup Thin: 1″ thick / covers 125 sq. ft. per ton on average
  • Standup Regular/Standard: 1 – 2″ thick / covers 85 – 100 sq. ft. per ton on average
  • Standup Thick: 2 – 4″ thick / covers 70 – 85 sq. ft. per ton on average


  • Strip Rubble: Thin (1 – 3″ thick), Medium (4 – 6″ thick), Thick (6 – 8″ thick), length is variable

Pennsylvania Flagstone is also available as Cut Pattern.

Product colors as shown in the photos on this website may vary from the actual colors due to photography and monitor settings. DIRT AND ROCK recommends you visit us to view our products on site before making a selection.