Tennessee Fieldstone contains a variety of colors including cream, tan, brown, rust, and gray. One of the most versatile fieldstones, it can be masoned as Stack, Cap, or Mix.

Tennessee Cap Fieldstone is inconsistent in shape and size. Its most common applications are home exteriors, veneers, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, chimneys, and retaining walls, installed with a visible mortar joint. It can also be used for natural landscaping steps, pathways, and garden walls.

While all of our fieldstones and flagstones work well together, some are more complimentary to each other. Those that are often paired with Tennessee Cap Fieldstone include:

Tennessee Cap Fieldstone is available in the following variations:


  • 1 – 2″ thick
  • 8 – 10″ wide
  • Covers approximately 40 – 45 sq. ft. per ton on average


  • 3 – 4″ thick
  • 10 – 12″ wide
  • Covers approximately 35 – 40 sq. ft. per ton on average


  • 4 – 6″ thick
  • 12 – 18″ wide
  • Covers approximately 30 – 35 sq. ft. per ton on average


  • 6 – 12″ thick
  • 18 – 24″ wide
  • Covers approximately 25 – 30 sq. ft. per ton on average

Most fieldstone is available in Mosaic (random) and Ashlar (squares and recs) patterns, as well as Veneers.

Product colors as shown in the photos on this website may vary from the actual colors due to photography and monitor settings. DIRT AND ROCK recommends you visit us to view our products on site before making a selection.